Here at project pcb, we use gerber files to manufacture your PCB design, If you don't have the gerber files, we also accept

.BRD (eagle)、

.DDB (protel)


 Altium Designer & Protel Users

We can convert your Protel 99SE and DXP, and Altium Designer 6, PCB design files to Gerbers.

Please send *.pcb or *pcbdoc files. we will send the generated Gerber files to you for final

approval before starting manufacturing.

EAGLE (CadSoft) Users

We supports PCB design files from EAGLE. However, we cannot convert schematic files to layouts for you. Please note that during the file upload process it is important to specify which layer objects we should use for silkscreen and inner layers (mid-layers). If you do not specify which layers to use, we will use the following default settings for silkscreen per our CAM scripts or place your order on hold for clarification on inner layer object selection:


  •     Top Silkscreen: L21 & L25 (tPlace & tNames)
  •     Bottom Silkscreen: L22 & L26 (bPlace & bNames)

For all PCB manufacturing needs!!!

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