Project PCB Printed Circuit Board Instant Quote

This quote is provided under the standard specifications for general requirements, For pcb quotes with other kinds of specifications,Peelable Soldermask,Gold Fingers, Plated Edges, Half Holes Plated, Impedance Control...please contact by email and the lead time for multiple board will be added two or Three days.

For Multilayer board with high TG 170 Material,  please contact before place the order

For Multilayer board with copper weight 2oz or 3oz, the inner layer will be 1oz by default.   

Standard specificaitons:

  • Max. board size: 550X600mm
  • Min. hole size: 0.25mm
  • Min. Trace Width/Space: 5/5mil
  • Number of Holes: within 500
  • No blind and buried vias

Manufacturing Requirements:

Our price: 1.000 $1.000 (0.750)
Surface Finish
Copper Weight
Solder Mask Color
Silkscreen Color
Internal Cutouts/Slots
Electrical Test
Lead Time
Dimension unit:
Currency (USD):
Part Number *:
Board type: single unit panel
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