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Valeri Corcoja
Jan 21, 2017
" I have received the PCB and the quality of the boards is excellent, one of the best I had received from international suppliers. I would definitely recommend your company to anyone who has a PCB requirement and need a reliable company. Very fast delivery, great quality PCB and an excellent customer service. I’m very satisfied with the quality of service offered by you and your company. Thank you one more time, "
Oct 06, 2015
" Unfortunately, we had some custom issues with the government..I got cards today in the morning. They seem like quite good work.. We will work together more. See you next time.. "
Randall Aiken
Oct 06, 2015
" Both PCB orders arrived very quickly, and the boards look great. Even your blue soldermask color looks better than our usual PCB vendor's blue color. Based on your quality, speed of service, and excellent pricing, we will be sending you all of our PC board orders, and I will also recommend you to other companies I work with. Please tell everyone at your factory that we appreciate all their hard work and excellent quality boards. "
George Haas
May 14, 2013
" Thank you for the rapid fulfillment of my order. The boards are very nicely done - clean, excellent precision on drilling, clear silkscreen, smooth finish "
Dennis Ng
May 14, 2013
" This company service and price is top notch! Prompt e-mail correspondance 24/7. On time delivery even with a lower volume. Im looking very much forward to doing business with them. Great Work! "
Martin Down
Nov 30, -0001
" This is for testing purpose. Please ignore this. "

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